2 Learn R: Right way!

2.1 Intro

The number of resources and ways to learn R is overwhelming. Some of us have tried many of them until we found the best and the right ones. These are shared here.

It is suggested to start learning R the “Right way”, as discussed below.

2.2 In which sense ‘Right’?

Ok, perhaps the word “Right” is not right here… - What is right for someone, may not be right for someone else who learnt R another way. So, Let’s call it “DiffeRent” or “Non-tRaditional” way. It is indeed the best and right for us. And we hope hope that, even if it is not the right “right” for you, it is still “right” for you to help you further improve your R codings kills

2.3 R101 from “R4GC Lunch and Learn”

Recommendations for R101 home-work: https://open-canada.github.io/UseR/resources.html

The starters (for students coming from non computer science backgrounds): https://gorodnichy.github.io/r101/

2.4 Additional resources

2.4.1 Ways to continue growing your R skills Knowledge in

Apart from reading and contributing to this R4GC Book and participating in our R4GC community meetups (which is naturally the best way :), you can :

(NB: you may have to access it from your personal device)

  • attend free annual RStudio organized conferences rstudio::conf

https://resources.rstudio.com/rstudio-conf-2019 , 2020, 2021 etc

2.4.2 Selected presentations Knowledge out

See next chapter for options wher you can submit or present your work, get it reviewed and published