14 ggplot2 and its extensions for data visualization

Many come to R (from Python and other languages/ systems) mainly because of the advanced data visualization capabilities it offers. There are many of those, as are the resources. Share your recommendations and examples here.

14.1 Resources

See: https://github.com/IVI-M/R-Ottawa/blob/master/resources.md

Introduction to ggplot2

How to customize ggplot2

Top 50 ggplot2 visualizations

ggplot2 quick reference sheet

ggplot2 quick reference for colour names

Modifying components of theme() in ggplot2

Colours in ggplot2, including colour-blind friendly palette

Package for colour manipulation, including visualizing the effects of colour-blindness on colour palettes. https://cran.r-project.org/package=prismatic

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https://serialmentor.com/dataviz/ - https://github.com/clauswilke/dataviz. Fundamentals of Data Visualization. Claus O. Wilke https://github.com/jjallaire/dataviz-r

OpenSDP Dataviz Tutorial (R)

14.1.1 Plotly + R Shiny

https://socviz.co/ - Data Visualization. A practical introduction https://r-graphics.org/ R Graphics Cookbook, 2nd edition. Winston Chang. 2019-12-19 with Plotly in R

Intro to Animations | R | Plotly - https://plotly.com/r/animations/ https://plotly-r.com/index.html https://plot.ly/r/animations/