21 Machine Learning and Modeling in R

21.1 Resources

Below are most popular textbooks for Machine Learning and Modeling in R.
Also see Discussion on Text Mining (https://smltar.com/ and https://www.tidytextmining.com/)

This one is used in many University Machine Learning courses (e.g. in University of Arizona and many others in USA):

An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R

https://www.statlearning.com/ ( https://web.stanford.edu/~hastie/ISLR2/ISLRv2_website.pdf )

These are on Tidy models (most come with source codes): https://www.tidymodels.org/books/

https://www.tmwr.org/ - TIDY MODELS WITH R

https://bookdown.org/max/FES - Feature Engineering & Selection

https://moderndive.com/. Statistical Inference via Data Science