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Platforms for coding R online

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Big books with codes:

Homework for Lunch and Learn R101

NB: All resources in rstudio are FREE

NB: Some courses are FREE. First chapter in each course is always free

More on data.table

More on Dashboards and Shiny

When flexdashboard (older versions of R) does not work, one can use

free -

Portals to deploy your solutions (and search for solutions from others!)


On R:


From Canada School of Public Service

More from RStudio

The learnr package makes it easy to turn any R Markdown document into an interactive tutorial. -

A guide to some of the most useful R Packages that we know about, organized by their role in data science. -

Webinars: - September 7, 2019 Garrett Grolemund


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CAREER TRACK: R Programmer

CAREER TRACK: Data Scientist with R

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