9 From Excel to R

There was a keen interest expressed at last Friday meetup on transitioning from Excel to R. Incidentally, there was an RStudio Community Meet-up focused exactly on this topic: Meetup: Making the Shift from Excel to R: Perspectives from the back-office

Many Q&A from this meetup are posted here:


Below are listed some. There’s also a link to a video-recording of it! (at link above)

What was the most common problem when moving from Excel to R? [Excel -> R Meetup Q&A]
R Markdown vs R Scripts in Enterprise Workflows [Excel -> R Meetup Q&A]
What sort of packages did you use for reconciliation? [Excel -> R Meetup Q&A]
What is the best way to share the results of an analysis that you’ve made in R? [Excel -> R Meetup Q&A]
How do you get buy-in transitioning from Excel to R? [Excel -> R Meetup Q&A]
How do you get buy-in from the IT team around R package security concerns? [Excel -> R Meetup Q&A]
How do you move data from tricky worksheets into R? [Excel -> R Meetup Q&A]
With so many ways of doing the same things, how do you find the best way to do something? [Excel -> R Meetup Q&A]

This dictionary of Excel/R equivalent was very useful is finding a starting point for common functions:

For people who are looking for something more comprehensive, this website is very useful:

Pour ma part, j’adhère à l’approche proposée par The Carpentries, soit l’utilisation d’Excel pour la saisie de données et une partie du contrôle de la qualité. Par la suite, les données sont exportées en csv pour être importées dans R.