5 Events and forums for R users

5.1 From RStudio

5.1.2 RStudio Community Meetup

Another great meetup opportunity:


NB: you may be able to access it from GC network.

Each meetup is dedicated to a specific topic, following which they post many Q&A at https://community.rstudio.com/

5.2 R blogs

5.3 R conferences

(from https://rviews.rstudio.com/2021/03/03/2021-r-conferences)

  • Cascadia RConf 2021 (June 4 - 5), a jewel of a regional R conference for its first three years, was canceled in 2020. It is back this year as a virtual event. The Call for Presentations is open.

  • useR! 2021 (July 5 - 9) has an outstanding lineup of keynote speakers. The program is very likely to make US based attendees night-owls

  • EARL Conference 2021 (September 6 - 10), the premier R in industry event, will be online this year. The call for abstracts is already open.